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The future of dependency management, seen from 2022

Louis cad

Striving for efficiency

Google Developer Expert (GDE)


The software supply-chain is far from all-smooth!
Sure, dependency management on Android projects is great, but there's room for improvement.

Some tasks, like upgrading dependencies to the right versions, are still tedious and time consuming. There are also compatibility gotchas because of the lack of metadata.

This talk will mention the different problems that come with dependency management in real-world projects, and then we will focus on the solutions from the present, and in the future.

Louis CAD prioritizes efficiency over performance. He has been developing Android apps for more than 4 years, using Kotlin since version 1.0.4, and coroutines since version 1.1.

Always trying to innovate, he is interested in a lot of technical subjects of all scales, and how they are linked, directly or not.

He is also a proud bike commuter and a velomobile enthusiast, because it is efficient.

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