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Crack System Design Interviews for Mobile Engineers

Karim Ebrahem

Senior Software Engineer (iOS)



System design interviews have grown in popularity since FAANG were introduced a few decades back. They are a standard part of any interview process for most backend roles. And now, they have eventually reached us, mobile engineers, who were more accustomed to demonstrating our design skills and architectural knowledge.
We will go through a question for Mobile Engineers, building an Application and design a system for it, TOGETHER. Also provide a structure to follow in your coming interviews ;)

The one who like to challenge him self always, Karim is a Senior Software Engineer on Talabat's Platform team primarily working on enhancing Quality of Talabat's iOS Engineers output and make their Development Experience better. He is best known for teaching ppl how to start their career as an iOS Engineer, as well as building and contributing to OpenSource projects.

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