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Flutter & Firebase - Love at first message!

Carlo Lucera

HatDroid! - Flutter dev

Google Developer Expert (GDE)


Flutter enables developers to create applications fast and with extreme flexibility! one unique codebase for running stunning products on Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop platforms.
On the same line, Firebase services give our application superpowers! we can have a serverless app in no time! a perfect love story with Flutter!
Let's dive together into an example of how to create a simple messaging app, running on any device that stores and shares messages between users!

Known as HatDroid, is a Technology enthusiast, former Android, and now Flutter developer, always in search of new technologies and strategies to improve.
Flutter Google Developer Expert and Full-time Flutter Developer @Pvotal technologies and admin for Flutter Italia Developers.
Always ready to share his experiences and working hard to help the Developer communities grow.

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