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Innovation Ops

Reham Saleh

Performance Excellence Expert



When you think of innovation, what comes to mind? innovation is a process of exploration and discovery.
Nowadays DevOps and Design Ops demonstrate the benefit of innovation teams and processes to achieve a successful outcome . In this talk we will highlight
- Discovering InnovationOps
- Movement from DevOps to InnovationOps
- What’s the management structure needed to scale innovations
- How to Enable the principle of continuous improvement of operations
- Measuring innovation outputs

A dynamic Consultant who leads and delivers rapid strategic business values. Experience across companies in various markets, Agile mindset oriented; focused on customer satisfaction & Team Building, with +18 years of experience in the field of software development and business of information technology. Agile Lead Coach & Enterprise Architect Consultant.
Digital transformation and innovation professional with strong experience in Agile product and service delivery Agile at scale

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