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Is This a Cat? Machine Learning for Android

Paul Ruiz

Developer Advocate

Google AI and Machine Learning


In this session you will get to the very heart of some of computer science's most important problems, including how we can answer: Is this a cat? How many cats are in this image? Does this sound like a cat? Is this paragraph about cats?

By the end of this session you will know how to get started performing common machine learning tasks to improve your users' experiences and delight them with interesting functionality.

Paul is a machine learning developer advocate at Google with a background in Android and IoT. Outside of work Paul is a part of the maker community where he 3D prints, does woodworking, builds electronics projects, and makes movie-quality props and costumes. Before getting into tech Paul worked as a zookeeper where he trained and cared for various animals, including giraffes, sea lions, and bears.

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