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10 years of Android Development: The Retrospective

Julien Salvi

Lead Android Engineer



Working in the Android Development since 2011 when I made my first apps on a Galaxy S with Froyo (2.2) and there was no Fragment, Holo design was beautiful and ActionBarSherlock was the big thing!

Let's see how Android Development has evolved during this 10-years timeframe with the rise of Fragments, Material design, and now Kotlin and Jetpack Compose with fun anecdotes and code samples.

Into the Android world for 10 years, I experienced California the startup way of life before coming back to France. I am currently a Lead Android Engineer at Aircall where we are building the best phone system for modern businesses. Alongside Android, I have a great interest in backend development with Kotlin and AR/VR technology. In 2021, I became an Android GDE to continue my journey to always share and learn with the Android community.
On my spare time, I am a world traveler 🌍

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