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Composing your design system in Jetpack COmpose

Frank Tamre

Just growing android developers and building android apps in Africa


In the implementation of Jetpack compose at our organization, one of the issues that popped up was how to implement a Design system that is not adapted from material design but true to what our Designers and design team implemented.

In this talk i go through a practical illustration of how I always set up a design system and benefits of a design system in large multi module apps.

I lead a team of Android Engineers build Android Apps at Kyosk where we are empowering informal retailers across Africa by making quality consumer goods easily accessible and affordable for everyday people. I have consulted on various tech projects as a developer and as a systems architect in developing markets.
I love building and empowering developer communities: KotlinKenya, Android254 & AzureKe. A chef, reader, mountain climber, i play with cameras, pro-Lifeguard , pro-diver and swimmer.

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